The first product of the MOVE-MENTIS start-up company, made up by eResult and researchers from the CNR-IFC (Institute of Clinical Physiology), named MOVE-ME, will be presented at the national congress “Canali Postural Method” in Cesenatico (Italy) at ”Accademia Acrobatica” in via Cristoforo Colombo, from July 11th to 18th, 2020.

MOVE-ME is an innovative software solution for posture management which, in collaboration with Postura and Sport, exclusively applies the Canali method.

MOVE-ME Canali detects and corrects postural problems and can be used at all levels in the sports and healthcare fields. It allows you to graphically display rather complex concepts to transmit and compare, and to understand the real inconveniences of the person, often at the basis of the overloads that lead to pain. This, through the objective evidence of postural positionings, muscle components, and compensatory reflexes in movement, as well as through the deformation of the basic body structures. The solution is based on eResult’s Omniaplace platform.