eResult is an IT company that, since its foundation, has invested in innovation every year, participating in major research projects alongside private companies and universities.

IPRECC (Innovative Process Recycling Carbon Composite) is the new challenge that eResult is facing in this three-year period with the aim of producing tools for improving production processes in the automotive sector.

The project, realised in collaboration with ARS Tech (a manufacturer of chassis for racing cars) and the Marche Polytechnic University (UNIVPM), has two different objectives: the first is to optimise production activities, keeping energy consumption under control, but above all by limiting production waste, including by recovering these materials through an advanced recycling system. This aim will be pursued through the implementation of a data collection system and life cycle assessment algorithms that will support decision-making, providing guidance to operators on process optimisation opportunities.

In addition, the project will include a system for monitoring the wellbeing of workers, by checking the healthiness of environments and using sensors to assess incorrect postures and movements that could create health problems for employees over time.

The goal is to enhance an advanced IT system, called OMNIAMANUFACTURING, capable of supporting smart factory activities, through machine learning and artificial intelligence systems capable of processing data collected from production plants to provide tools to support decision-making activities and optimise workflows, in order to maximise company efficiency and minimise environmental impact.

This is an important and ambitious project, which will provide an opportunity to develop the OMNIAPLACE platform and adapt it to the new needs of businesses, which increasingly recognise the importance of technology as a support for decision-making processes and activity monitoring, thanks to the enormous potential available on the market today.