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Research and Development Lab


Since 2009, the eResult Group’s Project Office has been working with European and Italian institutions, research institutions, universities and other partners to define new services and technological tools within the EU research and innovation programming framework, in line with the new Horizon 2020 Work Programme.

Experimentation and Innovation

The Laboratory is the core of the research and development activities of eResult, a company that on average invests about 20% of its turnover in experimentation and technological innovation. Within the Laboratory, a team of IT professionals takes care of the continuous evolution of the integrated platform Omniaplace, with the aim of constantly improving performance to satisfy the most complex needs.


The research and development center of eResult is accredited by the Ministry of University, Education and Research, enrolled since March 2011 in the National Register of Research (certified code 60273TFT). Directed by engineer Marco Pistoia, CEO of the company, it operates in the corporate offices of Cesena and Foggia, in collaboration with several research institutions and universities in Italy and Europe.


The Lab monitors in particular the developments of the Omniaplace environment, releasing each year several minor releases with additional features. The continuous evolution of the development environment guarantees increasingly innovative, powerful and versatile solutions, with customized IT services dedicated to business customers, partners and projects.

Projects Office

Day-to-day experimentation on the market offers increasingly advanced technological solutions, making them available also for EU projects. The Projects Office, the operational branch of design and quality, successfully responds every year to dozens of national and European Union public calls for tenders. eResult’s research and innovation is the source of advanced tools at the service of people and companies.

We draw a tomorrow supporting people

The ICT company actively participates international and European projects in the field of life sciences for the development of Smart City and community through integrated solutions to improve the level of autonomy, social inclusion and, more generally, the welfare of elderly and frail people.

With targeted planning for the social and health sector in the Active & Assisted Living, e-Health and e-learning sectors, with the aim of improving the quality of life for all groups, even the weakest ones. In addition, the company expands its membership sectors also to Bioeconomy, with particular reference to Agrifood systems.

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