Marco Pristoia

eResult invests a significant part of its turnover in cutting-edge research activities in the fields of technology and information technology, in order to improve the solutions developed to measure for each customer and to expand the possibilities to respond with the utmost attention to every single detail expressed by the customer.
eResult believes in the importance of establishing partnerships with important national and international realities that deal with applied research, translating the mutual interest on innovative topics into proposals for research projects. Since 2009, the group’s project office has been working with European and Italian institutions, together with institutions and other partners, to define new services and technological tools in the EU research and innovation programme, in line with the Horizon 2020 Work Programme.

The objective of eResult is to offer instrumental resources that improve the control, management and productivity of the customer in every sector and in particular in the social and economic field. sanitary, food and industrial. The idea of eResult is to use the opportunity granted by the research projects activated thanks to public funds to validate technologically and scientifically new ideas and prototypes in these areas, allowing the company to develop increasingly advanced software modules, identifying and building solutions that enrich the potential and in general the characteristics of its products. The collaborations are not limited to individual projects and specific interests, but are aimed at establishing long-term working relationships. Over the years eResult has in fact, established partnerships with important Italian and foreign Universities, centers of public and private research both Italian and European, medium and large companies.

Designing a tomorrow to support people By browsing the innovation section of the company website, you can deepen the various research projects carried out over the years. In addition to industrial and medical projects, the ICT company actively participates in national and European projects in the field of life sciences for the development of Smart City and community through integrated solutions to improve the level of social inclusion and, more generally, with the aim of a better quality of life for all social groups, even the weakest. Learn more about projects in partnership see the complete list: /