Also this year, the eResult group participates as a protagonist in ForITAAL 2019, the forum for Ambient Assisted Living, organized by InnovAAL – Public-Private Aggregation for Research, Development, Experimentation and Validation of Innovative Technologies and Services for Ambient Assisted Living.

In the frame of the event, the group will present a scientific work based on the experience gained during the Rehab-Dem project, a project that aims to implement an integrated and technologically advanced ICT system that uses smart sensors and easily wearable and low-invasive electronic devices to face the main challenges that patients suffering from general neurodegenerative disorders and in particular from dementia and Alzheimer’s must stand. The project takes into account the different levels of decline that can characterize the pathology, with the ultimate aim of improving the health, well-being, quality, and efficacy of the social and health care services intended for the assisted, and at the same time optimizing the management of physical rehabilitation care and therapy in a highly personalized, innovative and stimulating way.