Every year the production plants of many companies operating in the energy production sector suffer breakdowns or malfunctions, which can cause major losses in turnover as they require more or less long periods of downtime to be repaired. For this reason, it is suggested to carry out periodic maintenance of these plants, in order to prevent more serious problems, which would involve an excessive expense for their resolution. There are several ways to meet this need but certainly being able to automatically detect a need for maintenance and act ahead of time remains the choice adopted by most of the world’s leading energy companies.

To cope with this, eResult in partnership with Fores Engineering has designed a specific solution: Asset Integrity Performance Management Service (AIPMS), jointly developed by combining strong experience in industrial plants, energy, information technology, and big data engineering. AIPMS is an advanced software platform, fully adaptable to the plant hierarchy, tailor-made for the industrial plant and its specific KPIs, able to collect and analyze data, providing predictive information on specific areas. The AIPMS platform is able to integrate perfectly with pre-existing systems in plants and based on dedicated key performance indicators is able to optimize aspects related to plant productivity, equipment longevity, and energy consumption.

Its predictive maintenance module analyses the data and conditions of the operating tools in real-time, in order to plan what type of maintenance to carry out, establishing when to carry it out and what resources are needed for the maintenance itself. All of the equipment is constantly monitored and the data is analyzed by artificial intelligence to produce information on the health diagnostics of the instruments and statistics on their performance. This makes it possible to predict possible errors due to the equipment and provides advice and instructions so that expected errors can be dealt with.

Its maintenance module drastically reduces downtime on the working machinery, maximizing the productive activity of the plant. By leveraging AIPMS’ powerful predictive operations module, companies can take advantage of valuable asset-related data and make production processes more efficient, so they can maximize production efficiency through performance improvement recommendations.

The energy management module of AIPMS analyzes electricity consumption data in all areas of the plant, with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to recognize and predict inefficiencies, abnormal energy consumption, losses, potential increases in emissions.

The AIPMS logistics module is a powerful tool for warehouse management and transport forecasting. Through predictive maintenance, it has the ability to optimize inventory and workforce management.

Through the use of AIPMS software, productivity is increased, equipment life is extended, energy savings are assured, maintenance costs are reduced, unplanned downtime is reduced, or eliminated.

Watch the AIPMS presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3QsXgjE7iU