Excellence and continuous experimentation

Articolo 1

The laboratory is the core of the research and development activities of eResult, a company that invests on average 20% of its revenues on research and technological innovation. Within the laboratory, a team of IT professionals takes care of the continuous evolution of Omniaplace, seeking a constant improvement of the performance to answer to the most complex requirements.

Articolo 2

The Research and Development Centre is acknowledged by the Italian Ministry of University, Education and Research, being recorded from March 2011 in the National Registry of Research (certificate code 60273TFT). Directed by Marco Pistoia, it operates in the company offices located in Cesena, Foggia and San Sepolcro (AR), collaborating with many European and Italian research centres and universities.

Articolo 3

The laboratory takes care of the development of the Omniaplace framework, releasing 4 minor releases every year. The continuous evolution of the framework guarantees innovative, powerful and versatile solutions, with tailored IT services dedicated to the business customers, partners and projects.

Articolo 4

The continuous experimentation, run on a daily basis, allows us to place into the marked solutions that are always advanced, making them also available in the contex of EU projects. The Projects Office applies every year with success to dozens of national and EU public research calls. From research and innovation we develop advanced tools to help the most vulnerable people.